In consideration to a recent Covered Outdoor space Addition, The need to remodel and re-design the adjacent Kitchen Space was warranted.

The Homeowners used their outdoor space year round since it’s heated and has outdoor rolldown acrylic panels to protect it from weather. Indoor Kitchen space was remodeled by eliminated a second workspace island (and Columns) to open into one large expansive multi-purpose space. All Finishes replaced. Exiting Cabinets painted and NEW Full Height Wall Cabinets created to compliment a Facelift Fireplace.

Before Kitchen/FamilyAfter Kitchen/Family
Before Kitchen/FamilyAfter Kitchen/Family

“The character of the spaces were significantly refreshed by the Interior Design modifications, created a strong connection and complement to the existing impressive outdoor living space.”

Architect/Designer | Kioxin Inc. Architecture

Builder | Concept Development

Interior Designer | Jill Goetz Design