This home was designed for a client who sold their business and home to retire out of state but still wanted to enjoy a change in seasons.
Their love of outdoors, pets, and horses grew and this 77-acre site was to be their new haven. The pandemic showed us that we spend more
time in our home than before. Resort living is the new norm. When we travel, we want to feel at home on the road. This sanctuary was
designed for them AND the travelers heading seasonally south with horses to Florida. A traveler can book one of 4 Guest Suites through
“Airbnb” and board their horse that they may be transporting by trailer into one of the 12 stalls for the night. The plan is meant to be inviting but, if the owners are away, portions of the home can be cordened off.

2022 Key Awards winners logo gold

Architect/Designer | Kioxin Inc. Architecture

Builder | Ayres Custom Homes