This 694-sf covered patio addition links two outdoor spaces. Instead of the typical screen panels in between posts four feet apart, the design team engineered longer spans with fewer reinforced columns (6 total) to allow massive open 15-foot views.

A custom-engineered roof system includes plywood sheathing fastened to 5/4×6 exposed cedar planks; this allows greater roof framing joist spacing (48 inches on center) and creates geometric patterns, which adds to the ceiling design. A motorized roll-up screen and acrylic panel was used to enclose the addition. In northern climates, outdoor additions are not considered to be for year-round use, but this could be, using eight Infratech ceiling mount perimeter heat troughs. This space has two distinctive areas — one for relaxing and the other for eating — each with a distinctive pyramid peak volume ceiling. The fireplace is two-sided and shared with the outdoors. Existing exterior doors on the home were painted sky-blue. The two exterior door units into the covered addition are painted white to convey an inside feeling.

“Well-detailed and well done, this feels like an interior room. Judges praised the see-through fireplace and the ceiling.”

Architect/Designer | Kioxin Inc. Architecture

Builder | Concept Development

Interior Designer | Jill Goetz Design